Phantomic Moonlight

•July 12, 2009 • 1 Comment

Path of darkness goes towards the light

Fly endlessly towards the dreams, end in the burning flames

Encountering endless sorrow

Showing how we could be strong


Kiss my wounds and don’t ever let go

Hold me tight, feel my frozen heart

Keep me away from the endless bright

I’ll go through the silence of the pale night


Dreams are endless remains that swept away

That vanished within the light

As my way home is starting to fade away

I’ll send u a farewell kiss and whisper.. “goodbye”


Never ever i will forget

The memories that u gave

It will become a treasure

That glitter in my heart for sure


DXM – 001 : kuːˈxʊlɪn

•June 22, 2009 • Leave a Comment

my sazabi !!

at last it’s finished.. cuchullain (the hound of cullan) hahahaha..

c n c are welkom

Whitebase UC Challenge – WIP Sazabi Custom Part. 2

•April 18, 2009 • 2 Comments

next update for sazabi.. here’s the pics…

C n C are welcome

Nippon no Hibi

•April 7, 2009 • Leave a Comment

about a month ago.. bina nusantara univ. (binus) held a festival named “nippon no hibi”… some kind of japanese days for japanese maniac, japanese freak and etc.. and again.. eternity.. the “CUGZ” band played there.. too bad we didnt win.. even though i think we’re lot more cooler than any others.. but.. well.. that’s the final decision and i respect that..

again with siam shade as our cover music.. we played the song.. successfully.. even we did many mistakes here and there.. but well.. it’s really refreshing after playing in a stage.. i wanna do it again with more tension.. more speed more exciting performance.. more scream.. more.. and more feelings about music..

lol.. got too much in life.. xD maybe i need to be patient.. practice make pervert.. oops.. i mean.. perek…. ooopsss.. not… not that.. per-fect…

btw, here’s the video’s link.. i wanna upload it here but i dunno and cant open the .mp4 file.. so i just give the link from my facebook..



Whitebase UC Challenge – WIP SAZABI Custom.. Part 1

•April 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

im gonna submit this sazabi for whitebase UC challenge competititon in jkt.. looks like its gonna be a hard road to win.. but.. i gotta do my best.. :3

added some pla plates to re detail the kit.. this kit is really great.. almost no seamline at all so u can start mod. very fast..

thx 4 viewing !! and sorry for the crappy camera T___T

look forward for the new update

my bachelor degree.. Alveen, S.H

•February 26, 2009 • 3 Comments

lol… something to celebrate.. but after all my 3,5 years of college.. the degree was somehow plain… many good memories spent with my friends there (unfortunately.. no GF) lol !!!

I’m still curious about how my result will come.. but.. hey.. that’s already over.. so there’s no use to think about it…

gotta find my way to become a successfull man in real life though.. i’m gonna be rich !!! really rich !!


Bachelor degree.. a.k.a Sarjana Hen.. uuppss.. Hukum…

•February 24, 2009 • Leave a Comment

about 14 hours from now on.. im gonna have my bachelor degree.. hahahaha… of course before that the lecturers gonna curse my thesist for my topic.. because i think that ‘old relics from the past’ still doing their best to understand the whole thesist but im pretty sure its really hard to understand.. even for me.. LoL

uuughhh.. cant say anything right now.. just focused on study or doing something refreshing.. gotta tell u the good news soon..